Artists’ Oil Colours – Winsor & Newton

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What is more irresistible than fine oil paint! Winsor and Newton formulated their oil colours with the finest pigment to ensure stability, tinting strength and excellent coverage. Buttery and vibrant, the colours can be used thickly with a palette knife or thinned with a medium, as a very fine glaze.

Available in 37 ml tubes of 115 beautiful, vibrant colours which include the 200ml in WHITE only.


Available in sets.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Please note: Transparent White – Series 1 & Underpaint White Series 1 have been discontinued.


Vegan-friendly product except for:
Carmine, Ivory Black & Blue Black.

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ImageW&N Artists Oil ColoursTube / Bottle SizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TitaniumWhite_644Titanium White (644) 200ml S1200ml TubeR699.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorBlueRedShade_706Winsor Blue Red Shade (706) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorEmerald_708Winsor Emerald (708) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorGreen_720Winsor Green Phthalo (720) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorGreenYellowShade_721Winsor Green Yellow Shade (721) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorLemon_722Winsor Lemon (722) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorOrange_724Winsor Orange (724) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorRedDeep_725Winsor Red Deep (725) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorRed_726Winsor Red (726) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorVioletDioxazine_733Winsor Violet Dioxazine (733) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorYellowDeep_731Winsor Yellow Deep (731) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorYellow_730Winsor Yellow (730) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_YellowOchreLight_745Yellow Ochre Light (745) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_YellowOchrePale_746Yellow Ochre Pale (746) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_YellowOchre_744Yellow Ochre (744) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_ZincWhite_748Zinc White (748) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_UnderpaintingWhite_674Underpainint White (674) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_MarsVioletDeep_395Mars Violet Deep (395) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_MauveBlueShade_400Mauve Blue Shade (400) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_NaplesYellowDeep_425Naples Yellow Deep (425) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_NaplesYellowLight_426Naples Yellow Light (426) S137ml TubeR245.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_NaplesYellow_422Naples Yellow (422) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_OliveGreen_447Olive Green (447) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_OxideChromium_459Oxide of Chromium (459) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PaynesGray_465Paynes Grey (465) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentAlizarinCrimsonHue_468Permanent Alizarin Crimson (468) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentCarmine_479Permanent Carmine (479) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentGreenDeep_482Permanent Green Deep (482) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentGreenLight_481Permanent Green Light (483) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentGreen_481Permanent Green (481) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentMagenta_489Permanent Magenta (489) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentMauve_491Permanent Mauve (491) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PermanentRose_502Permanent Rose (502) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PeryleneBlack_505Perylene Black (505) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Pewter_511Pewter (511) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PrussianBlue_538Prussian Blue (538) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PrussianGreen_540Prussian Green (540) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PhthaloTurquoise_526Phthalo Turquoise (526) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PurpleLake_544Purple Lake (544) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_PurpleMadder_543Purple Madder (543) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_QuinacridoneMagenta_545Quinacridone Magenta (545) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_QuinacridoneRed_548Quinacridone Red (548) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RawSienna_552Raw Sienna (552) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RawUmberGeenShade_558Raw Umber Green Shade (558) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RawUmberLight_557Raw Umber Light (557) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RawUmber_554Raw Umber (554) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RenaissGold_573Renaissance Gold (573) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RoseDore_576Rose Dore (576) S537ml TubeR1 150.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_RoseMadderGen_587Rose Madder Genuine (587) S537ml TubeR1 150.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_SapGreen_599Sap Green (599) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_ScarletLake_603Scarlet Lake (603) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Silver_617Silver (617) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TerraRosa_635Terra Rosa (635) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TerreVerte_637Terre Verte (637) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TitaniumWhite_644Titanium White (644) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TransparentBrownOxide_684Transparent Brown Oxide (648) S137ml TubeR245.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TransparentGoldOchre_646Transparent Gold Ochre (646) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TransparentMaroon_657Transparent Maroon (657) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TransparentRedOchre_647Transparent Red Ochre (647) S137ml TubeR245.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_TransparentYellow_653Transparent Yellow (653) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_UltramarineGeenShade_667Ultramarine Green Shade (667) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_UltramarineViolet_672Ultramarine Violet (672) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_VanDykeBrown_676Vandyke Brown (676) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_VenetianRed_678Venetian Red (678) S137ml TubeR245.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Viridian_692Viridian (692) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_WinsorBlueGeenShade_707Winsor Blue Green Shade (707) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_AlizarinCrimson_004Alizarin Crimson (004) S237ml TubeR299.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BismuthYellow_025Bismuth Yellow (025) S437ml TubeR659.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BlueBlack_034Blue Black (034) S137ml TubeR245.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BrightRed_042Bright Red (042) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Bronze_058Bronze (058) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BrownMadder_056Brown Madder (056) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BrownOchre_059Brown Ochre (059) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BurntSienna_074Burnt Sienna (074) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_BurntUmber_076Burnt Umber (076) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumGreenPale_084Cadmium Green Pale (084) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumLemon_086Cadmium Lemon (086) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumOrange_089Cadmium Orange (089) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumRedDeep_097Cadmium Red Deep (097) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumRed_094Cadmium Red (094) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Cadmium Scarlet_106Cadmium Scarlet (106) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumYellowDeep_111Cadmium Yellow Deep (111) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumYellowPale_118Cadmium Yellow Pale (118) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CadmiumYellow_108Cadmium Yellow (108) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CeruleanBlue_137Cerulean Blue (137) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CharcoalGray_142Charcoal Grey (142) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_ChromGreenDeepHue_147Chrome Green Deep Hue (147) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_ChromeYellowHue_149Chrome Yellow Hue (149) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltBlueDeep_180Cobalt Blue Deep (180) S537ml TubeR1 150.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltBlue_178Cobalt Blue (178) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltChromiteGreen_183Cobalt Chromite Green (183) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltGreen_184Cobalt Green (184) S537ml TubeR1 150.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltTurquoise_190Cobalt Torquoise Light (191) S437ml TubeR659.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltTurquoise_190Cobalt Torquoise (190) S537ml TubeR1 150.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_CobaltViolet_192Cobalt Violet (192) S637ml TubeR1 150.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Copper_214Copper (214) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_DavysGray_217Davys Grey (217) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_FlakeWhiteHue_242Flake White Hue (242) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_FleshTint_257Flesh Tint (257) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_FrenchUltra_263French Ultramarine (263) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_GoldOchre_285Gold Ochre (285) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Gold_283Gold (283) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_GreenGold_294Green Gold (294) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IndanBlue_321Indanthrene Blue (321) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IndianRed_317Indian Red (317) S237ml TubeR330.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IndianYellowDeep_320Indian Yellow Deep (320) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IndianYellow_319Indian Yellow (319) S237ml TubeR330.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Indigo_322Indigo (322) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IridWhite_330Iridescent White (330) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_IvoryBlack_331Ivory Black (331) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_JauneBrillant_333Jaune Brilliant S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_LampBlack_337Lamp Black (337) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_LemonYellowHue_347Lemon Yellow Hue (347) S437ml TubeR659.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_LightRed_362Light Red (362) S137ml TubeR245.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_Magenta_380Magenta (380) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_MangBlueHue_379Manganese Blue Hue (379) S137ml TubeR245.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_ArtistOils_MarsBlack_386Mars Black (386) S237ml TubeR330.001 in Stock.

Winsor & Newton has a worldwide reputation for producing excellent oil paints.  With more than 180 years of manufacturing and quality control, their knowledge has ensured that only the best raw materials are used to make one of the world’s finest oil paint ranges.

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour is unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability – a success which is reflected in its world-wide reputation amongst professional artists. Every Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour is individually formulated to enhance each pigment’s natural characteristics and ensure the stability of colour. By exercising maximum quality control throughout all stages of manufacture, selecting the most suitable drying oils and method of pigment dispersion, the unique individual properties of each colour are preserved.

Artist’s Oil Colour offers the widest spectrum of all the Winsor & Newton oil ranges. The range consists of 115 colours available in 37ml tubes, including a 200 ml WHITE ONLY

Key Features:

  • Buttery, vibrant and consistent
  • Each colour is researched, formulated and milled individually
  • The cleanest and brightest mixing possibilities
  • Perfect for techniques such as impasto or glazing
  • 99% of colours have a lightfast rating of AA or A, providing permanence without comprising the choice of hue.

Interesting fact: Indian Yellow Colour, also known as Piuri or Purree is a vibrant yellow pigment with excellent tinting qualities.  Indian Yellow, one of the colours available in this range, was originally a colour created in India from the urine of cows exclusively fed on mango leaves. Winsor & Newton created an alternative closely resembling the original.

Great masters such as J. M. W. Turner included Indian Yellow in their watercolour palette and later the Scottish Colourists used its oil colour variant for their vivid fluid paintings.

Available in oil and watercolour, Indian Yellow is a transparent colour which is famed for its glazing properties. As a warm golden yellow, it is an excellent staple in any oil or watercolour painter’s palette.



To view a table that provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Artists’ Oil Colour range, please click here.



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