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Painting with Van Gogh oil colours is a joy. Whatever oil colour technique you choose, the pasty paint gives a beautiful result. Choose from a wide and balanced palette. You will be assured of a good quality oil paint with lively colours.The fineness, the colour intensity, the high content of pigment and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration.
Van Gogh oil colours are available in a wide range of 66 colours in various tube sizes, sets and artists’ boxes.

With this range you can expect:
• High quality
• Strong and intense colours
• Easy to mix and use
• High pigment level
• Uniform degree of gloss and thickness of the various colours
• Good to excellent lightfastness for colour retention over time
Perfect for :
• Beginners and experienced artists alike
• Alla Prima Painting
• Fine glazing and detail

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Van Gogh Oil ColorPriceQuantityAdd to CartStockImage
570 Phthalo BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PhthaloBlue_570
614 Permanent Green MediumR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_Perm.GreenMedium_614
615 Emerald GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_EmeraldGreen_615
616 ViridianR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_Viridian_616
617 Yellowish GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_YellowishGreen_617
619 Permanent Green DeepR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PermanentGreenDeep_619
620 Permanent Olive GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PermanentOliveGreen_620
623 Sap GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_SapGreen_623
629 Terre VerteR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TerreVerde_629
654 Fir GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_FirGreen_654
668 Chrom Oxide GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_ChromiumOxideGreen_668
675 Phthalo GreenR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PhthaloGreen_675
701 Ivory BlackR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_IvoryBlack_701
702 Lamp BlackR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_LampBlack_702
708 Payne's GreyR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PaynesGray_708
104 Zinc WhiteR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_ZincWhite_104
105 Titanium WhiteR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TitaniumWhite_105
118 Titanium White LinseedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TitaniumWhiteLinseed_118
208 Cadmium Yellow LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumYellowLight_208
210 Cadmium Yellow DeepR129.00
Sorry, We're Out of Stock!Van Gogh_CadmiumYellowDeep_210
211 Cadmium OrangeR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumOrange_211
222 Naples Yellow LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_NaplesYellowLight_222
223 Naples Yellow DeepR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_NaplesYellowDeep_223
224 Naples Yellow RedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_NaplesYellowRed_224
227 Yellow OchreR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_YellowOchre_227
234 Raw SiennaR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_RawSienna_234
244 Indain YellowR129.00
Sorry, We're Out of Stock!Van Gogh_IndianYellow_244
265 Transprent OX YellowR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TransparentOxideYellow_265
267 AZO Yellow LemonR129.00
1 in StockVan Gogh_AzoYelloLemon_267
268 AZO Yellow LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoYellowLight_268
269 AZO Yellow MediumR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoYellowMedium_269
270 AZO Yellow DeepR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoYellowDeep_270
271 Cadmium Yellow MediumR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumYellowMedium_271
276 AZO OrangeR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoOrange_276
303 Cadmium Red LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumRedLight_303
306 Cadmium Red DeepR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumRedDeep_306
311 VermiloinR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_Vermilion_311
312 AZO Red LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoRedLight_312
313 AZO Red DeepR129.00
In Stockv
314 Cadmium AZO Red MediumR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CadmiumRedMedium_314
318 CarmineR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_Carmine_318
326 Alizarin CrimsonR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AlizarinCrimson_326
327 Madder Lake LightR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_MadderLakeLight_327
331 Madder Lake DeepR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_MadderLakeDeep_331
339 Light Oxide RedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_LightOxideRed_339
347 Indian RedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_IndianRed_347
366 Quinacridone RoseR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_QuinacridoneRose_366
372 Permanent RedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PermanentRed_372
378 Transparent Oxide RedR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TransparentOxideRed_378
393 AZO red MediumR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_AzoRedMedium_393
403 Vandyk BrownR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_VanDykeBrown_403
408 Raw UmberR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_RawUmber_408
409 Burnt UmberR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_BurntUmber_409
411 Burnt SiennaR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_BurntSienna_411
504 UltramarineR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_UltramarineDeep_504
508 Prussian BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PrussianBlue_508
511 Cobalt BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CobaltBlue_511
512 Cobalt Blue UltramarineR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CobaltBlueUltramarine_512
522Turquoise BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_TurquoiseBlue_522
530 Sevres BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_SeveresBlue_530
534 Cerulean BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CeruleanBlue_534
535 Cerulean Blue PhthaloR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_CeruleanBluePhthalo_535
536 VioletR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_Violet_536
538 Mars VioletR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_MarsViolet_538
565 Phthalo Turquoise BlueR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PhthaloTurquoiseBlue_565
567 Permanent Red VioletR129.00
In StockVan Gogh_PermanentRedViolet_567

Van Gogh is the brand for the working artist who is searching for quality and exceptional value. Royal Talens developed the brand to be a happy medium between professional grade and student grade oils.

Van Gogh oil colours feature excellent tinting strength, a high level of pigmentation for intense colours, a uniform degree of gloss and thickness amongst colours, and good to excellent lightfastness ratings. Painting with Van Gogh oil colours is a joy. Whatever oil colour technique you choose, the pasty paint gives a beautiful result. Choose from a wide and balanced palette. In addition to the lively colours, you above all opt for the certainty of a good oil paint. The fineness, the colour intensity, the high content of pigment and durability contribute to the ultimate expression of your inspiration. Van Gogh oil colour offers many possibilities Van Gogh oil colour is a versatile paint which can be used for many techniques.

The oil colours are made using pure pigments and are milled into a quality oil binder which ensures the buttery colours give a wonderful result with oil techniques. All colours have a uniform thickness, degree of sheen, and dry times which makes the line a pleasure to use in terms of working qualities and mixability. Because of the high content of pigment and the fine grind, the colours are strong and brilliant. Van Gogh oil colours offer choices from four gradations of opacity (transparent, semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque). All colours are rated from good to excellent lightfastness which ensures the colours are retained in the long term.

Van Gogh oil was the paint used to create the entire ‘Loving Vincent’ film. A full length feature film which was fully animated using over 65,000 individually painted frames, painted by hand by 125 artists. Nine different brands of paints from 6 manufacturers were researched and tested. Van Gogh oil was selected because it had the greatest range of colours, and additionally it was the best price value. The blue’s and yellows are spectacularly saturated as it ebb and flow across the screen and the impact of colour contributed to the success of this exceptional film.

[Loving Vincent is a 2017 experimental animated biographical drama film about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh, and in particular, the circumstances of his death. It is the first fully painted animated feature film. The film is a Polish co-production, written and directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. The film premiered at the 2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. It won Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 30th European Film Awards in Berlin and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards.].

For over 100 years Royal Talens has been a renowned manufacturer and worldwide supplier of quality colour materials and artists’ materials. Van Gogh is the ideal brand for the serious artist for whom quality is important.

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Bold and Bright Van Gogh Oil Paints by Royal Talens


Van Gogh Oil Color

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