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The Mont Marte Brush Washer is an invaluable accessory for artists and provides a quick and convenient way to clean and dry your brushes. So whether you’re a watercolourist or like to work with acrylics, these brush washers are super handy to keep by your side so you can spend less time washing and more time creating.

The Stainless Steel Brush Washer’s spiral handle suspends brushes in turpentine or water, protecting brush bristles to give them a longer life. This spiral also allows brushes to be suspended in the air to dry when the washer is empty. The mesh screen in the bottom of the washer provides a semi-abrasive surface to clean brushes and also allows sediment to settle in the base so water or turpentine can be reused for cleaning. The Plastic Brush Washer (Signature) helps take the hard work out of cleaning up with a ribbed section for deeper cleaning, slanted grooves to rest your brush and slots to hold brushes upright to dry. 

Product features:

  • Rust-resistant body (stainless steel & plastic).
  • Purple Plastic Brush Washer.
  • Plastic Brush Holder: 12 x brush holders, 2 x brush washing components.
  • Plastic Brush Holder Includes lid that doubles as a palette.


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2 reviews for Brush Washers – Mont Marte

  1. Melize233 (verified owner)

    This was an impulse buy for me. But it is actually playing a big role in my daily painting process now. The mesh helps to clean the stubborn oils out of the brush and the dryer holds all sizes easily. When i am done, I remove the mesh and clean off all the oil. The turpentine is then reasy for use again!

  2. Cindy Coleman (verified owner)

    Game changer! I love this!

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