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This Clear Pastel Primer is a textured, quick-drying acrylic primer which assists in holding extra amounts of dry media such as pastel, charcoal or pencils. These quick-drying acrylic primers bond solidly to almost any clean paper, canvas, card, plastic, glass, ceramic, or even metal. Want a specific colour for your surface? Intermix with Liquid Spectrum Inks, or Art Spectrum Gouache, to create new shades!

Simply apply the primer with a dampened brush, sponge, or roller, straight from the pot and onto the desired surface! Brushes can easily be cleaned with water.

Product features:

  • Fast drying, acrylic primer.
  • Surface preparation for pastels, charcoal and pencil.
  • Clear with textured result.
  • Suitable for most surfaces: paper, cardboard, canvas, ceramic & glass.
  • Available in a 250ml tub.


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