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PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry colour like fluid paint for the first time.

Loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments; PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in a rich, ultra-soft and low dust formulation. The professional quality colours are highly pigmented, have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable. Uniquely, for pastel colour, they can be mixed for a complete painting palette. PanPastel Colors are fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces, conventional fixatives and other artists’ colours.


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PanPastel Info Sheet – Explaining Pearlescent Mediums

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PanPastel Info Sheet – How to Use the Colorless Blender

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ImagePanPastel ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
380.5_PanPastel_Red_Iron_OxideRed Iron Oxide 380.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
380.1_PanPastel_Red_Iron_Oxide_Ex_DarkRed Iron Oxide Extra Dark 380.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
380.3_PanPastel_Red_Iron_Oxide_ShadeRed Iron Oxide Shade 380.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
380.8_PanPastel_Red_Iron_Oxide_TintRed Iron Oxide Tint 380.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
580.1_PanPastel_Turquoise_Ex_DarkTurquoise Extra Dark 580.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
580.3_PanPastel_Turquoise_ShadeTurquoise Shade 580.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
580.8_PanPastel_Turquoise_TintTurquoise Tint 580.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
520.1_PanPastel_Ultramarine_Blue_Ex_DarkUltramarine Blue Extra Dark 520.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
520.3_PanPastel_Ultramarine_Blue_ShadeUltramarine Blue Shade 520.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
520.8_PanPastel_Ultramarine_Blue_TintUltramarine Blue Tint 520.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
470.1_PanPastel_Violet_Ex_DarkViolet Extra Dark 470.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
470.3_PanPastel_Violet_ShadeViolet Shade 470.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
470.8_PanPastel_Violet_TintViolet Tint 470.8 ***R189.002 in Stock.
270.5_PanPastel_Yellow_OchreYellow Ochre 270.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
270.1_PanPastel_Yellow_Ochre_Ex_DarkYellow Ochre Extra Dark 270.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
270.3_PanPastel_Yellow_Ochre_ShadeYellow Ochre Shade 270.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
270.8_PanPastel_Yellow_Ochre_TintYellow Ochre Tint 270.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
680.5_PanPastel_Bt_Yellow_GreenBright Yellow Green 680.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
680.1_PanPastel_Bt_Yellow_Green_Ex_DarkBright Yellow Green Extra Dark 680.1 ****R189.003 in Stock.
680.3_PanPastel_Bt_Yellow_Green_ShadeBright Yellow Green Shade 680.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
680.8_PanPastel_Bt_Yellow_Green_TintBright Yellow Green Tint 680.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
740.1_PanPastel_Burnt_Sienna_Ex_DarkBurnt Sienna Extra Dark 740.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
740.3_PanPastel_Burnt_Sienna_ShadeBurnt Sienna Shade 740.3 ****R189.003 in Stock.
740.8_PanPastel_Burnt_Sienna_TintBurnt Sienna Tint 740.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
660.5_PanPastel_Chrom_Oxide_GreenChromium Oxide Green 660.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
660.1_PanPastel_Chrom_Oxide_Green_Ex_DarkChromium Oxide Green Extra Dark 660.1 ****R189.003 in Stock.
660.3_PanPastel_Chrom_Oxide_Green_ShadeChromium Oxide Green Shade 660.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
660.8_PanPastel_Chrom_Oxide_Green_TintChromium Oxide Green Tint 660.8 ****R189.003 in Stock.
250.1_PanPastel_Diarylide_PanPastel_Yellow_Ex_DarkDiarylide Yellow Extra Dark 250.1 ****R189.003 in Stock.
250.3_PanPastel_Diarylide_Yellow_ShadeDiarylide Yellow Shade 250.3 ****R189.003 in Stock.
250.8_PanPastel_Diarylide_Yellow_TintDiarylide Yellow Tint 250.8 ***R189.002 in Stock.
220.1_PanPastel_Hansa_Yellow_Ex_DarkHansa Yellow Extra Dark 220.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
220.3_PanPastel_Hansa_Yellow_ShadeHansa Yellow Shade 220.3 ****R189.003 in Stock.
220.8_PanPastel_Hansa_Yellow_TintHansa Yellow Tint 220.8 ***R189.003 in Stock.
430.1_PanPastel_Magenta_Ex_DarkMagenta Extra Dark 430.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
430.3_PanPastel_Magenta_ShadeMagenta Shade 430.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
430.8_PanPastel_Magenta_TintMagenta Tint 430.8 **R189.002 in Stock.
820.5_PanPastel_Neutral_GreyNeutral Grey 820.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
820.1_PanPastel_Neutral_Grey_Ex_DarkNeutral Grey Extra Dark 820.1 ****R189.003 in Stock.
820.2_PanPastel_Neutral_Grey_Ex_DarkNeutral Grey Extra Dark 820.2 ****R189.002 in Stock.
820.3_PanPastel_Neutral_Grey_ShadeNeutral Grey Shade 820.3 ****R189.003 in Stock.
820.7_PanPastel_Neutral_Grey_TintNeutral Grey Tint 820.7 ****R189.002 in Stock.
280.1_PanPastel_Orange_Ex_DarkOrange Extra Dark 280.1 ****R189.003 in Stock.
280.3_PanPastel_Orange_ShadeOrange Shade 280.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
280.8_PanPastel_Orange_TintOrange Tint 280.8 ***R189.002 in Stock.
840.3_PanPastel_Paynes_GreyPaynes Grey 840.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
840.1_PanPastel_Paynes_Grey_Ex_DarkPaynes Grey Extra Dark 840.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
840.7_PanPastel_Paynes_Grey_TintPaynes Grey Tint 840.7 ****R189.002 in Stock.
840.8_PanPastel_Paynes_Grey_TintPaynes Grey Tint 840.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
640.1_PanPastel_Permanent_Green_Ex_DarkPermanent Green Extra Dark 640.1 ****R189.004 in Stock.
640.3_PanPastel_Permanent_Green_ShadePermanent Green Shade 640.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
640.8_PanPastel_Permanent_Green_TintPermanent Green Tint 640.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
340.1_PanPastel_Permanent_Red_Ex_DarkPermanent Red Extra Dark 340.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
340.3_PanPastel_Permanent_Red_ShadePermanent Red Shade 340.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
340.8_PanPastel_Permanent_Red_TintPermanent Red Tint 340.8 **R189.002 in Stock.
560.5_PanPastel_Phthalo_BluePhthalo Blue 560.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
560.1_PanPastel_Phthalo_Blue_Ex_DarkPhthalo Blue Extra Dark 560.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
560.3_PanPastel_Phthalo_Blue_ShadePhthalo Blue Shade 560.3 ****R189.003 in Stock.
560.8_PanPastel_Phthalo_Blue_TintPhthalo Blue Tint 560.8 **R189.001 in Stock.
620.5_PanPastel_Phthalo_GreenPhthalo Green 620.5 ****R189.001 in Stock.
620.1_PanPastel_Phthalo_Green_Ex_DarkPhthalo Green Extra Dark 620.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
620.3_PanPastel_Phthalo_Green_ShadePhthalo Green Shade 620.3 ****R189.001 in Stock.
620.8_PanPastel_Phthalo_Green_TintPhthalo Green Tint 620.8 ***R189.002 in Stock.
780.5_PanPastel_Raw_UmberRaw Umber 780.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
780.1_PanPastel_Raw_Umber_Ex_DarkRaw Umber Extra Dark 780.1 ****R189.002 in Stock.
780.3_PanPastel_Raw_Umber_ShadeRaw Umber Shade 780.3 ****R189.002 in Stock.
780.8_PanPastel_Raw_Umber_TintRaw Umber Tint 780.8 ****R189.002 in Stock.
800.5_PanPastel_BlackBlack 800.5 ****R189.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
930.5_PanPastel_BronzeMetallic Bronze 930.5 ****R209.002 in Stock.
740.5_PanPastel_Burnt_SiennaBurnt Sienna 740.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
010_PanPastel_Colorless_BlenderColorless Blender 010 ****R209.002 in Stock.
931.5_PanPastel_CopperMetallic Copper 931.5 ****R209.002 in Stock.
250.5_PanPastel_Diarylide_YellowDiarylide Yellow 250.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
220.5_PanPastel_Hansa_YellowHansa Yellow 220.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
910.5_PanPastel_Light_GoldMetallic Light Gold 910.5 ****R209.002 in Stock.
430.5_PanPastel_MagentaMagenta 430.5 ***R189.001 in Stock.
280.5_PanPastel_OrangeOrange 280.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
014_PanPastel_Pearlescent_Medium_Black_COARSEPearl Medium Black Coarse 014 ****R209.006 in Stock.
013_PanPastel_Pearlescent_Medium_Black_FINEPearl Medium Black Fine 013 ****R209.003 in Stock.
012_PanPastel_Pearlescent_Medium_White_COARSEPearl Medium White Coarse 012 ****R209.004 in Stock.
011_PanPastel_Pearlescent_Medium_White_FINEPearl Medium White Fine 011 ****R209.005 in Stock.
955.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_BluePearlescent Blue 955.5 **R209.003 in Stock.
956.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_GreenPearlescent Green 956.5 ****R209.006 in Stock.
952.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_OrangePearlescent Orange 952.5 ***R209.005 in Stock.
953.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_RedPearlescent Red 953.5 **R209.002 in Stock.
954.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_VioletPearlescent Violet 954.5 **R209.005 in Stock.
951.5_PanPastel_Pearlescent_YellowPearlescent Yellow 951.5 ***R209.006 in Stock.
640.5_PanPastel_Permanent_GreenPermanent Green 640.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
340.5_PanPastel_Permanent_RedPermanent Red 340.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
921.5_PanPastel_PewterMetallic Pewter 921.5 ****R209.003 in Stock.
911.5_PanPastel_Rich_GoldMetallic Rich Gold 911.5 ****R209.004 in Stock.
920.5_PanPastel_SilverMetallic Silver 920.5 ****R209.004 in Stock.
100.5_PanPastel_Titanium_WhiteTitanium White 100.5 ****R189.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
580.5_PanPastel_TurquoiseTurquoise 580.5 ****R189.001 in Stock.
520.5_PanPastel_Ultramarine_BlueUltramarine Blue 520.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.
470.5_PanPastel_VioletViolet 470.5 ****R189.002 in Stock.

PanPastel is highly Pigmented  loaded with the highest quality artists pigment

    • Professional quality & Excellent Lightfastness.
    • They are easy to control and  pastel colours can be applied and mixed(dry) like paint.
    • The pan format and their ultra-soft formulation mean that PanPastel Colors blend beautifully for an infinite palette of colours.
    • Artists can achieve a variety of marks & layers – from transparent to intense.
    • Adding white – changes the colour by tinting it, making it more opaque.
    • Layering – applying thinner layers and glazing layers allows colours underneath to show through.
    • Colours can also be applied in heavier layers on textured papers for more opaque effects.
    • Many layers can be built up without flooding the tooth of the paper.
    • PanPastel is a very forgiving medium to use – use any eraser to correct mistakes or remove the colour. An eraser can also be used to create highlights and for subtractive drawing techniques.
    • Mixed Media friendly. Compatible with other artist’s media and almost any art & craft surface (even thin delicate papers as there is no bleed-through or buckling because PanPastel is dry colour).
    • Instant Colour – No preparation or drying time required – no solvents or water needed.
    • No solvents, water or other special mediums are required – use PanPastel colours “dry” for the benefits of wet paint without the hassle.
    • Easy Clean-Up – Clean pan gently by wiping away the contaminated surface with a paper towel.
    • Low Dust – For a cleaner working environment & less waste.
    • Using Sofft Tools it is easy to control the colour and to achieve a wide variety of marks and effects.




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PanPastel Colours

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