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Cobra Study Water Mixable Oil Colours give the same fantastic look and feel as traditional Oil Paints, the same brush stroke retention and the highest degree of lightfastness – and that without having to use harmful solvents! You can paint straight from the tube, thickly like traditional oils and with visible brush marks, but they are soft enough, too, to mix easily and create secondary colours. With these oil colour paints being able to be thinned, mixed, and washed using water, no volatile solvents are necessary (although they can still be used). Experience no unpleasant odours, making this paint ideal for artists who are sensitive to volatile solvents. They can therefore be used in the studio, living room, outside, everywhere!

The Cobra Study range consists of 40 vibrant semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours.

Product features:

  • Water-mixable oil colour paint.
  • No volatile solvents are necessary (such as white spirit or turpentine).
  • Cobra can be used in conjunction with traditional oils and when mixed at a ratio of Cobra 4:1, the mixture will retain its ability to be thinned and cleaned with water.
  • Brushes, work surfaces, clothes and palettes can be cleaned easily (soap and water).
  • 100% retention of brush stroke/structure.
  • No colour change in transition from from wet to dry as you can sometimes find with acrylic paints.
  • Concentrated, rich pigment create a wash much like watercolour with just a touch of water.
  • All colours have the same degree of gloss and the highest degree of lightfastness (+++ = at least 100 years under museum conditions).
  • Suitable for all oil painting techniques, simple to use (with water or a medium).
  • Available in 40ml (All 40 Colours) and 200ml (Select Colours) tubes.


Water-mixable oils dry in two stages: the water evaporates and then what is left is similar to conventional oils and dries by oxidation at a similar rate. Just like conventional oils, you still need to remember the fat over lean rule – you still need to let the painting dry completely (often 6 months) before you varnish with regular picture varnish for protection.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Lightfastness rating (LF) = 3,4 – FAIR, MODERATE | 5,6 – GOOD, VERY GOOD | 7,8 – EXCELLENT. V – Vegan-friendly.
Derwent uses the Blue Wool test (ISO 105) to evaluate lightfastness. Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light. A scale of 1-8 is obtained, with values of 6 or higher being considered to be highly lightfast and, under museum conditions, will not fade for 100+ years.

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Water-Mixable Oils: Everything you need to know!

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