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The Copic Gasenfude brush pen has a long and flexible synthetic nylon brush nib (or “fude”) which creates expressive line variations ideal for hand lettering, traditional brush art, comic art, calligraphy or sketching. The water-based pigment ink will not bleed with Copic markers. This rich and solid black ink provides an amazing shading effect in your sketches, mangas and caricatures.

Product features:

  • Water-based pigment ink (water/alcohol resistance).
  • Archival & Copic-proof.
  • Deep Black ink.
  • Fine tip for detail work.
  • Acid-free.


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  • Do not use except for drawing or writing.
  • Do not drop or shake the pen because the ink may leak out.
  • Always recap tightly after use.
  • The stains on clothes may not wash off.
  • Do not store in high temperature.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children.
  • Always carry with the nib upward.


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