Creative Mark Scrubber Watercolor Brush Set


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The watercolour brushes that let you scrub, blot, and re-work!

Made of stiff white nylon, these scrubber brushes are attached to short, wooden handles with nickel-plated ferrules. The handles are beautifully lacquered in crimson with grey tips. Scrubbers work well with all watercolour papers, and best with Ampersand Aquabord. Use gently with watercolour papers that are not 100% cotton to avoid damage. The brushes pick up colours from selected areas, create highlights and correct errors.

Creative Mark Scrubber Brushes Set of 3

These Scrubber Brushes are stiff, short filberts that are capable of deep lifting. The set includes Scrubbers in sizes 2, 6, and 12.


Key Features:

  • Stiff white nylon bristles lift colour easily
  • Multiple scrubber styles for any type of colour lifting
  • 80 lb. medium surface
  • Durable Nickel-plated ferrules
  • Works with all watercolour papers


Perfect For:

  • Watercolour Artists of all levels!
  • Workshops, classrooms, instructors
  • Graphite, charcoal, pastel & more
  • Fixing mistakes in watercolour or watercolour gouache
  • Salvaging paintings on expensive cotton papers


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Let’s face it… everyone makes mistakes from time to time when watercolour painting. Never fear, you don’t have to toss that work and start over. With our Scrubber Watercolour Brush Sets, no one will ever detect your painting lapses in judgement. Simply re-wet the area to be corrected, wait a few seconds, then gently scrub the paper and blot with a paper towel or watercolour sponge. Mistakes are gone, that easily!

The watercolour brushes that let you scrub, blot, and re-work!



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