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Cretacolor Artists chalk and pastel pencils are perfect for creating depth and highlights within drawings and sketches. The white chalk pencil combines perfectly with traditional charcoal, sanguine and sepia pastel. Also good for lightning colour tones.  Cretacolor White Chalk oil pencils are smooth waxy traditional sketching pencils that are smudge and water-resistant.

Cretacolor Sepia Oil is a variation of the traditional dry sketching pencil with smooth, deep colours that are water-resistant. Sepia light and dark pencils lend themselves very well for combining with Pastels and Charcoal. The pencil will not smear and is complimentary with all traditional sketching mediums. Sepia Dark Artist Pencils are traditional drawing media and can create beautiful, subtle shades and tones when mixed with Charcoal and Pastel colours.

Cretacolor Sanguine Oil lays down a smooth, deep colour that is water-resistant and the pencil will not smear. Dry and easy to smudge, the core of the Cretacolor Sanguine Dry pencil is perfectly tinted for traditional sketching and portraiture. Beautiful effects can be achieved by mixing and smudging various products and excellent results can also be created by using different kinds of paper


White Pastel pencils are available in soft and medium. White chalk is oil-based.

Sepia Pastel pencils are available in Light Dry, Dark Dry, Light Oil and  Dark Oil

Sanguine Pastel Pencils are available in two variants – medium-dry or oily.

Size: Ø 3.8 mm lead, 7.5 mm pencil


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White Pastel Oil, White Pastel Soft, White Pastel Medium, Sanguine Oil, Sanguine Dry, Sepia Light Oil, Sepia Dark Oil, Sepia Light Dry, Sepia Dark Dry


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