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Arteina manufactures their tools using quality materials and the best alloy steels, which provide maximum hardness against wear and breakage. Their etching tools are not only perfectly functional, but have also been designed and manufactured with an original and pleasant aesthetic, because they believe that beauty is not incompatible with functionality.

The Professional Double Tipped Etching Tool has two sharp pointed tips made from strong alloyed-steel with a hand polished finish. It has a thick, black rubber coating around the metal shaft that allows for easy grip when using either ends.

A Beveling Tool is ideal for creating beveled (rounded off or sloping) edges. Unlike most other beveling or chamfering tools, this tool is extendable to allow for different material widths. This beveler has a varnished beechwood handle, a metal head and steel cutting blades.

Please Note: To cut the perfect bevel, we strongly advise securing your plastic or metal plate on a table or workbench before cutting.


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