Fabriano Smooth Bristol Pads 250gsm


  • Fabriano, the leaders in papermaking since 1264, came up with Bristol, an artist paper that stands out above the rest.  This 250gsm paper has a bright white colour and an incredibly smooth texture that holds a line extremely well.
  • Being acid-free with an ultra-smooth surface it is ideal for ink, solvent-based markers, felt-tip pens, ballpoint, watercolour, gouache, airbrush, pencil and charcoal. The surface is quite durable and resistant to repeated erasure and scraping.
  • Both professionals and students will enjoy using it for illustration, graphic arts, and design.
  • Available in A3 and A4 pads, each containing 20 sheets.
Description Size gsm
Smooth A4 250
Description Size gsm
Smooth A3 250

Also available in sheets:

Fabriano Smooth Bristol Sheets 250gsm (Pack of 5 Sheets)

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A4 (29.7 x 21cm)Fabriano-Bristol-Pads-with-20-sheets-250gsmR105.00
4 in Stock. Backorders Available.
A3 (42 x 29.7cm)Fabriano-Bristol-Pads-with-20-sheets-250gsmR249.00
5 in Stock. Backorders Available.

Bristol Paper Pads are a great paper to choose when working with media such as ink, markers, watercolours and pencils. Bristol paper is essentially a very smooth paper, ideal for fine detailed drawing or painting techniques as the smooth surface enables drawing implements to glide smoothly over the page.  These pads are a popular solution for artists looking for an archival paper suitable for pen marker drawing styles. It is particularly good for design, illustration style drawings, and manga.





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