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The Copic Classic marker is the original style created and remains a popular choice with designers worldwide. The Copic Classic is distinguishable by its rounded, square colour caps and square barrel. It features the Broad Nib and Fine Nib and is the most customizable of the markers as it fits 9 different Copic nibs. The Copic Classic marker range is available in 214 colours and is refillable using the Copic Various Ink Refills. Compatible with Copic ABS.

  • 214 Colours (Including the colourless blender)
  • Low Odour, Alcohol-Based Ink
  • Highly Blendable
  • Broad Nib and Fine Nib Standard – Fits 9 different Copic Nibs
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with Copic ABS

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Copic Classic MarkersPriceQuantityAdd to CartStockImage
YR02 Light OrangeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR02
YR04 Chrome OrangeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR04
YR07 Cadmium OrangeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR07
YR09 ChinorangeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR09
YR14 CaramelR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR14
YR16 ApricotR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR16
YR18 SanguineR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR18
YR21 CreamR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR21
YR23 Yellow OchreR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR23
YR24 Pale SepiaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR24
T9 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T9
V04 LilacR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V04
V06 LavenderR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V06
V09 VioletR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V09
V12 Pale LilacR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V12
V15 MallowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V15
V17 AmethystR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_V17
W0 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W0
W1 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W1
W10 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W10
W2 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W2
W3 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W3
W4 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W4
W5 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W5
W6 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W6
W7 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W7
W8 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W8
W9 Warm GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_W9
Y00 Barium YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y00
Y02 Canary YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y02
Y06 YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y06
Y08 Acid YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y08
Y11 Pale YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y11
Y13 Lemon YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y13
Y15 Cadmium YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y15
Y17 Golden YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y17
Y19 Napoli YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y19
Y21 Buttercup YellowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y21
Y23 Yellow BeigeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y23
Y26 MustardR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y26
Y38 HoneyR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_Y38
YG01 Green BiceR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG01
YG03 Yellow GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG03
YG05 SaladR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG05
YG07 Acid GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG07
YG09 Lettuce GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG09
YG11 MigninetteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG11
YG13 ChartreuseR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG13
YG17 Grass GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG17
YG21 AniseR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG21
YG23 New LeafR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG23
YG25 Celadon GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG25
YG41 Pale GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG41
YG45 Cobalt GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG45
YG63 Pea GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_ classic_YG63
YG67 MossR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG67
YG91 PuttyR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG91
YG95 Pale OliveR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG95
YG97 Spanish OliveR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG97
YG99 Marine GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YG99
YR00 Powder PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_YR00
N0 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N0
N1 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N1
N10 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N10
N2 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N2
N3 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N3
N4 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N4
N5 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N5
N6 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N6
N7 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N7
N8 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N8
N9 Neutral GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_N9
R00 Pinkish WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R00
R02 Rose SalmonR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R02
R05 Salmon RedR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R05
R08 VermillionR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R08
R11 Pale Cherry PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R11
R17 Lipstick OrangeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R17
R20 BlushR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R20
R24 PrawnR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R24
R27 Cadmium RedR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R27
R29 Lipstick RedR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R29
R32 PeachR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R32
R35 CoralR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R35
R37 CarmineR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R37
R39 GarnetR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R39
R59 CardinalR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_R59
RV02 Sugared Almond PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV02
RV04 Shocking PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV04
RV06 CeriseR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV06
RV09 FuchsiaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV09
RV10 Pale PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV10
RV11 PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV11
RV13 Tender PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV13
RV14 Begonia PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV14
RV17 Deep MagentaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV17
RV19 Red VioletR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV19
RV21 Light PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV21
RV25 Dog Rose FlowerR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV25
RV29 CrimsonR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV29
RV32 Shadow PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV32
RV34 Dark PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_RV34
T0 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T0
T1 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T1
T10 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T10
T2 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T2
T3 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T3
T4 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T4
T5 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T5
T6 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T6
T7 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T7
T8 Toner GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_T8
C8 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C8
C9 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C9
E00 Cotton PearlR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E00
E02 Fruit PinkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E02
E04 Lipstick NaturalR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E04
E07 Light MahoganyR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E07
E09 Burnt SiennaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E09
E11 Barel BeigeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E11
E13 Light SuntanR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E13
E15 Dark SuntanR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E15
E19 RedwoodR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E19
E21 Soft SunR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E21
E25 Caribe CocoaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E25
E27 AfricanoR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E27
E29 Burnt UmberR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E29
E31 Brick BeigeR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E31
E33 SandR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E33
E34 ToastR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E34
E35 ChamiosR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E35
E37 SepiaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E37
E39 LeatherR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E39
E40 Brick WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E40
E41 Pearl WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E41
E43 Dull IvoryR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E43
E44 ClayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E44
E49 Dark BarkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E49
E51 Milky WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E51
E53 Raw SilkR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E53
E55 Light CamelR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E55
E57 Light WalnutR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E57
E59 WalnutR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E59
E77 MaroonR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_E77
G00 Jade GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G00
G02 Spectrum GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G02
G05 Emerald GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G05
G07 Nile GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G07
G09 Veron GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G09
G12 Sea GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G12
G14 Apple GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G14
G16 MalachiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G16
G17 Forest GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G17
G19 Parrot GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G19
G20 Wax WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G20
G21 Lime GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G21
G24 WillowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G24
G28 Ocean GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G28
G29 Pine Tree GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G29
G40 Dim GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G40
G82 Spring Dim GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G82
G85 VerdigrisR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G85
G99 OliveR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_G99
0 Colourless BlenderR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C0
100 BlackR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_100
110 Special BlackR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_110
B00 Frost BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B00
B01 Mint BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B01
B02 Robin Egg BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B02
B04 Tahitian BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B04
B05 Process BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B05
B06 Peacock BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B06
B12 Ice BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B12
B14 Light BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B14
B16 Cyanine BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B16
B18 Lapis LazuliR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B18
B21 Baby BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B21
B23 Pthalo BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B23
B24 SkyR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B24
B26 Cobalt BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B26
B29 UltramarineR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B29
B32 Pale BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B32
B34 Mangan BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B34
B37 Antwerp BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B37
B39 Prussian BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B39
B41 Powder BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B41
B45 Smoky BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_B45
BG02 New BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG02
BG05 Holiday BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG05
BG09 Blue GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG09
BG10 Cool ShadowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG10
BG11 Moon WhiteR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG11
BG13 Mint GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG13
BG15 AquaR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG15
BG18 Teal BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG18
BG32 Aqua MintR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG32
BG34 Horizon GreenR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG34
BG45 Nile BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG45
BG49 Duck BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG49
BG99 Flagstone BlueR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BG99
BV00 Mauve ShadowR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BV00
BV04 Blue BerryR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BV04
BV08 Blue VioletR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BV08
BV23 Grayish LavenderR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BV23
BV31 Pale LavenderR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_BV31
C0 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C0
C1 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C1
C10 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C10
C2 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C2
C3 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C3
C4 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C4
C5 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C5
C6 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C6
C7 Cool GrayR88.00
In StockCopic_classic_C7

The Copic Classic marker is the original style created and remains a popular choice with designers worldwide. The Copic Classic is distinguishable by its rounded, square colour caps and square barrel. It features the Broad Nib and Fine Nib and is the most customizable of the markers as it fits 9 different Copic nibs. The Copic Classic marker range is available in 214 colours and is refillable using the Copic Various Ink Refills. Compatible with Copic ABS.

Copic markers are highly blendable, low odour, alcohol-based ink markers and generally regarded as the best in the world. Copic markers applies smoothly and mix on the surface of the paper to deliver the beautiful blends these markers are renowned for. Highly durable, all the marker ranges (which include Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, Copic Classic and Copic Wide) are refillable and feature replaceable nibs. You really only need to buy a marker once!

Copic markers do not dry out when not in use if closed properly. Copic Various Ink Refills are available in 358 colours and can fill a marker several times. The ideal colouring marker for professionals and hobbyists!


  • 214 Colours (Including the colourless blender)
  • Low Odour, Alcohol-Based Ink
  • Highly Blendable
  • Broad Nib and Fine Nib Standard – Fits 9 different Copic Nibs
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with Copic ABS


Life happened… art didn’t. Some tips to get you back in the saddle.

Copic Classic Markers

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