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FIMO Leather-effect is a fantastic creative addition to FIMO soft and FIMO professional. This clay is the perfect product to realize new and innovative ideas: After hardening, FIMO gets a leather-like look and feel, thin objects are flexible and can be cut, braided and sewed. Create some stunning effects that really have the WOW factor!

Whether at school or in the hobby and crafting community – FIMO is undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular modelling clays. As it’s easy to shape, you can use it in a variety of different ways. Plus, once it’s hardened you can sand it, drill it, polish it or use our varnishes to add a beautiful finish. The various types of FIMO are ideal for children, amateur artists and professional users who enjoy making figures, sculptures, dolls, jewellery and decorative items.

Product features:

  • Innovative oven-hardening modelling clay, after hardening the surface and haptic is similar to leather.
  • The right degree of hardness for the respective effect.
  • Ready to use, smooth and soft modelling clay.
  • Easy to open, resealable packaging.
  • Extremely easy to create lovely unique items.
  • Especially for beginners and hobby artists.
  • Creative kits including accessories and easy step-by step instructions.
  • Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessories and home decor items.


Available options:

Colour Pack with 12 Half Blocks:

  • Contents: 12 x 25g blocks (Black, Dove Grey, Rust, Nut, Berry, Lagoon, Olive, Indigo, Ochre, Watermelon, Ivory, Saffron Yellow).

Leather Effect Tassel Set:

  • Content: 4 half (25g) blocks (2 x Ivory, 2 x Lagoon), 1 x jute string (10 m)

Leather Effect Plant Hanger Set:

  • Content: 4 half (25g) blocks  (1 x Berry, 1 x Watermelon, 2 x Ivory), 1 x elastic band (70 cm).

Leather Effect Glasses Case Set:

  • Content: 4 half (25g) blocks 25 g (1 x Saffron Yellow, 1x Indigo, 1 x Berry, 1 x Black), 1 x elastic band (70 cm), 10 x split rings.

Leather Effect Tool Box:

  • Contents: 1 x 42g block (White), 5 x 17g blocks (Black, Ivory, Olive, Rust, Berry, Indigo), 1 x stamp set, 1 x perforate wheel, 1 x sewing kit, 1 x modelling tool set, 1 x step by step instructions.


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