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Now available in Neon colours

Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen features a blue barrel and a firm yet flexible brush tip for different lettering and drawing techniques. Create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes by a change in brush pressure. The hard tip pen is flexible enough to create controlled line variation, sweeping strokes with precision and ease, ideal for artists, calligraphers and hand-letterers. Perfect for bullet journaling, lettering, drawing and writing Japanese and Chinese characters.

The Fudenosuke Soft Tip Brush Pen features a black barrel and has a fine tip with black ink to give you elegant lettering. This soft-tip pen has black ink and a soft, flexible tip that allows for greater variation between fine lines and bold strokes. Thus allowing you to easily make fine or thicker lines depending on the pressure, ideal for calligraphy.

  • Various Colours Hard Brush Tip.
  • Soft Brush Tip – only in Black colour.
  • Great for calligraphy and art drawings.
  • The ink is pigment-based and waterproof.
  • Odourless.
  • For best results, use a smooth, non-textured paper.


Fudenosuke is also available in sets and twin-tipped pens.

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ImageFudenosuke PensPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Blue-96-Brush-PenNeon Blue - Hard TipR62.005 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Green-92-Brush-PenNeon Green - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Yellow-91-Brush-PenNeon Yellow - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Orange-93-Brush-PenNeon Orange - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Red-94-Brush-PenNeon Red - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Neon-Pink-90-Brush-PenNeon Pink - Hard TipR62.006 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Black-Brush-PenBlack - Hard TipR62.002 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Black-Brush-PenBlack - Soft TipR62.007 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Blue-Brush-PenBlue - Hard TipR62.005 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Brown-Brush-PenBrown - Hard TipR62.005 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Green-Brush-PenGreen - Hard TipR62.003 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Gray-Brush-PenGrey - Hard TipR62.003 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Orange-Brush-PenOrange - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Pink-Brush-PenPink - Hard TipR62.005 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Purple-Brush-PenPurple - Hard TipR62.0010 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Red-Brush-PenRed - Hard TipR62.006 in Stock.
Tombow-Fudenosuke-Hard-Tip-Yellow-Brush-PenYellow - Hard TipR62.004 in Stock.



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