Fudenosuke Twin Tip Brush Pen – Black & Grey – Tombow


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Fudenosuke Firm Tip Brush Pen features a firm yet flexible brush tip for different lettering and drawing techniques. Create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes by a change in brush pressure. Great for calligraphy and art drawings. Twin tip – water-based, pigmented black and grey ink.

Please note: this ink is not lightfast and will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Dual brush tips – one black ink and the other grey ink.
  • Odourless.
  • Non-refillable.
  • For best results, use a smooth, non-textured paper.
  • Horizontal storage recommended for conserving consistency in colour over time.


Fudenosuke is also available in sets and single colour brush pens.

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Double-sided brush pens are perfect for planners, Journals, doodling and more!  These are brush pens with an elastic tip, making it perfect for creating variable line widths.




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