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The Fundamentals of Drawing 01
This first volume presents the fundamental concepts required to start drawing: lines-shape, foreground-background, positive-negative, balance-imbalance, tension, form and movement. In essence, the volume gives an overview of the key principles behind the creation and appreciation of a figurative work of art.

The Fundamentals of Drawing 02
The simple, easy approach presented in this volume shows the budding artist how to draw the human figure in various positions and from different points of view. This is the first stage in acquiring the expertise needed to draw the human body skillfully and easily.

The Fundamentals of Drawing 03
The logical follow-up to the second volume in the series, this manual looks at the human form in detail: the hands, the feet, the face and expressions, the nose, the eyes and the mouth.

Perspective and Theories of Shadows 05
This introduction to perspective includes a series of easy-to-understand examples. In addition, an outline of the principles of shadowing is presented with explanatory drawings.

Tricks of the Trade 48
This book provides a compendium of methods and of tricks of the trade that are likely to be particularly useful to the painter, often producing surprising results. This volume, therefore, aims to demonstrate a series of artistic “secrets”, applying them to actual paintings. And to show how the techniques can truly be effective, we have chosen 15 subjects (mixed techniques) that highlight the features of each particular method.


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The Fundamentals of Drawing 01, The Fundamentals of Drawing 02, Perspective and Theories of Shadows 05, Tricks of the Trade, The Fundamentals of Drawing 03


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