Gelato Water Soluble Crayons 15 Sets – Faber-Castell


These 15 piece Gelatos Sets are perfect for keeping your favourite colour categories together.  Each set contains two sponge wedges and a paintbrush. Housed in a clear storage case, these colour sets are easy to transport and keep organized.

Product details

  • Water-soluble
  • Acid-free
  • Odourless
  • Mix easily to form liquids
  • Can be applied to paper, fabric, canvas and wood
  • Ideal for use with stamps
  • 12 colour tones in a set with one brush and two sponges


Pastel Collections set of 15:

Colours: Coconut, Buttercream, Aqua Dolce, Watermelon, Guava, Peach, Earl Grey, Caramel, Kiwi, Fig, Elderberry and Strawberry. Kit also includes a Sponge Wedge and Paintbrush.


Metallic Gelato set of 15

Colours: Silver Ice, Gold Champagne, Iced Chai, Iced Coffee, Metallic Melon, Metallic Mint, Metallic Blueberry, Metallic Grape, Metallic Icing, Iced Currant, Iced Rose and Iced Pear. Kit also includes a Sponge Wedge and Paintbrush.


Brights Gelato set of 15

Colours: Red Cherry, Bubble Gum, Lemon, Mango, Margarita Mix, Lime, Snowcone, Boysenberry, Lavender, Orange Soda, Passion Fruit, and Limoncello. Kit also includes a Sponge Wedge and Paintbrush.


Iridescents Gelato set of 15

Colours: Starburst, Black Hole, Odyssey, Lunar, Mars, Blue Moon, Comet, Nebula, Galaxy, Stardust Satellite and Supernova. Kit also includes a Sponge Wedge and Paintbrush.


Translucents Gelato set of 15 

Colours: Eggplant, Thistle, Lychee, persimmons, turmeric, hazelnut, nougat, creme de menthe, Olive, peppercorn, Poppy seed and bergamot. Kit also includes a Sponge Wedge and Paintbrush.

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Faber-Castell-Gelato-Water-Soluble-Crayons-iridescent-15-SetIridescentR435.003 in Stock.
Faber-Castell-Gelato-Water-Soluble-Crayons-Brights-15-SetBrightR435.004 in Stock.
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Gelato-Water-Soluble-Crayons-Pastel-set-of-15-Faber-CastellPastelR435.004 in Stock.
Faber-Castell-Gelato-Water-Soluble-Crayons-Translucents-15-SetTranslucentR435.003 in Stock.

These luscious Gelato crayons glide on with a creamy vibrant colour and blend beautifully with or without water. They work great on surfaces like paper, canvas, wood or textile. Whether used for painting, stamping or as a spray – they are giving your creativity limitless possibilities!





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