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The use of goose quills as writing instruments has a long history dating back to ancient times. Goose quills were used in ancient Greece & Rome by scribes and scholars. In the Middle Ages, monks used quill pens to copy religious texts and manuscripts on parchment. The quill pens were preferred for their balance of flexibility and durability. The use of quill pens continued into the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and through the 17th-19th centuries.

Goose quills are now commonly used for calligraphy and artistic purposes rather than everyday writing. They are highly appreciated for the craftmanship involved in their creation, and the unique quality they bring to the art of writing. Ornamental and beautifully old-fashioned, the goose quill allows you to draw down strokes and down strokes with great finesse. Travel back in time and experience a classic feel whilst writing with Jacques Herbin’s Traditional Goose Quills.

Product features:

  • White goose quill.
  • Length: 21cm.
  • Available in blister pack.
  • Ideal for use with printed parchment paper.

To use the quill, dip the tip in a bottle of ink and start writing, re-dipping when needed.


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