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Immerse yourself in the world of Jacques Herbin’s Prestige Collection Inks! Travel back in time to the creation of Jacques Herbin and other important historical events in the company’s journey. Built on centuries of history, Jacques Herbin maintains a reputation for unmatched quality.

A range of 1670 Collection Inks commemorate the 340th anniversary of the company, the world’s oldest producer of inks. Created with more than 300 years of ink-making experience, these special inks had their start with formulas collected by Jacques Herbin during his extensive travels. The 1798 Collection marks a time of great social change and modern discoveries in France – and the era in which steel dip pens began to replace quills. Jacques Herbin’s great-grandson moved the shop to a new location in Paris that allowed it to expand its production of sealing wax and ink.

These writing inks bring colour and inspiration to your creations! With their luminous and deep colors, they are adorned with a veil of glitter that illuminates, and enhances, them. Infused with gold glitter particles, the 1670 Collection inks are available in 5 colours (Ocean Blue, Scarlet Red, Stormy Grey, Chivor Emerald, and Cypriot Carob). Infused with silver glitter particles, the 1798 Collection inks are available 1 colour (Egyptian Carnelian).

Product features:

  • Water-based writing ink.
  • Light-fast and made using only natural dyes.
  • pH neutral and non-toxic.
  • Not waterproof – will run if wet.
  • Not miscible – cannot be mixed with another.
  • Packaged in square glass bottles.
  • Each bottle is sealed with Herbin sealing wax.
  • Colour of the wax is a good indication of the ink’s colour.
  • Available bottle size: 50ml.


Before filling ink pot or fountain pen, rinse thoroughly. Shake the bottle well before filling the writing instrument for best results. If your pen is inactive for a while, we recommend emptying and cleaning it.


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Jacques Herbin Collection Inks use wax seals, drawing from the company’s historic roots. Jacques Herbin Collection Inks are packaged in square glass bottles, with a wide base and tight-sealing screw-top lid, ideal for dipping. A beautiful silk cord – either coloured silver or gold to match the shimmer inside – is wrapped around the bottle’s neck and attached to the bottle with a sealing wax stamp similar to the Herbin wax used to seal grand cru wines in France. Finally, the bottle caps are hand-dipped in wax – coloured to match the ink inside.


Key features:

Jacques Herbin Collection Inks are infused with either silver (1798) or gold (1670) glitter particles that make these writing inks shimmer. Pens that have a broad or italic nib are ideal to show off the glimmering inks. Shake the bottle gently before filling a pen so the glitter is distributed throughout the ink. The shimmer will also settle inside a pen when it’s not in use, but you can roll the pen to redistribute the glitter.

Glitter particles can build up and clog a pen’s feed if the ink is allowed to dry inside. Use your pen regularly to keep the ink flowing, or clean the pen thoroughly if you don’t expect to use it for more than a week to avoid any complications.


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