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A hake brush is an oriental wash brush with a long, flat wooden handle used in watercolour painting. The brush is typically synthetic, squirrel, goat, ox or bristle.

These brushes hold a lot of water so they’re perfect for wetting the surface, doing a large wash, or for picking up excess paint. Ideal for blending watercolours.




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  • An oriental style flat wash brush made from soft goat hair
  • For covering and wetting large areas and absorbing excess media

The Hake holds a lot of water, so when needed, it can deliver more of a puddle than an even layer to the paper surface, and it’s soft enough not to lift the previous layers of colour or leave angular lines when glazing colour.

Keep an eye on the paper surface when drying so that it dries evenly to prevent any unwanted blooming.

To prevent the hake brush from losing too many hairs, remove as many loose hairs as possible. Apply a little glue to the bottom of the bristles where it protrudes from the handle. Use a toothpick or pin to work the glue deeper into the handle so that it can penetrate the centre of the brush. Remember to let it dry thoroughly before using again.

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