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Winsor & Newton  Designers Gouache – Available in a set of  6 colours.

Winsor & Newton has made Designers’ Gouache since 1935 but has continued to update and improve it. Made up with pigment, and bound with gum arabic for quick-drying, it contains none of the chalk added to lesser brands, giving it great covering power and a matt finish when dry. Gouache is also widely used in fine art as an opaque watercolour. All tones are inter-mixable and you can pair them with watercolours for a flat, matte colour effect. These luxurious paints may be used with airbrushes or in conjunction with other water-based media, such as acrylic and transparent watercolours, to produce varying degrees of transparency, opacity and texture. Developed for professional designers working on illustrations for graphic reproduction. It is also widely used in fine art painting, both on its own and with transparent watercolours.

Designers Gouache Primary Set of 6 is a high quality, luxurious paint based on Titanium pigments. It is a water-based opaque colour paint, mainly used by designers, illustrators and commercial artists and watercolour artists, to create vibrant illustrations in solid colour. 

This set offers a selection of 6 x 14ml tubes. The colours have been specially selected for optimum results when colour mixing to produce strong, bright mixes. Includes Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Permanent Green Middle, Ivory Black, Zinc White.


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Ivory Black &  Primary Blue.

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Exceptionally high pigment levels result in unsurpassed covering power and clean colour mixes. The binder is pure gum arabic, which imparts a creamy, flowing consistency that glides across grounds and dries quickly to a flat, velvety, non-streaky finish.

This line of gouache is unique in that the range gets its high degree of opacity from pigment load alone, not from added opacifiers. The fine quality gouache levels to an even matte surface, while the opacity is perfect for adding “spot colour” and highlights to transparent watercolour paintings.


All Designers Gouache colours are fully inter-mixable and can be used with Winsor & Newton watercolours for an opaque, matt, flat colour effect. Winsor & Newton Designers’ Gouache colours are fully compatible with Winsor & Newton Artists’ Colours and Cotman Watercolours. Although Designers’ Gouache colours are more opaque than Artists’ Watercolours, the degree to which they cover varies.

  • Designers’ Gouache may also be mixed with Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylics and Galeria Flow Formula Acrylics. Care should be taken, however, as some gouache colours may react adversely with acrylics. Combinations should be tested on the palette paper before use in a painting.
  • For design and illustration, where work is intended for electronic scanning and reproduction, illustration boards or a hot press watercolour paper is recommended for use, for a flat finish that reproduces well. For fine art painting, watercolour papers are recommended.


The opacity of Designers Gouache is due to the exceptionally high levels of pigmentation in the formulation, which results in both covering power and clean colour mixing. The natural attribute of each pigment adds to the level of opacity and contributes to covering power.

The Winsor & Newton Gouache range offers a wide and balanced spectrum of colours. It includes bright colours for designers, more lightfast ones for fine artists, and several unique, ultra-bright colours such as Opera Pink and Opera Rose — ensuring that all artists can obtain the palette that best suits their work.

Surface Sheen

Good quality gouache colour is a combination of pigment and gum arabic. Gum arabic is the binder that holds the pigment, giving it that perfect creamy ‘flowing’ consistency  (some cheaper brands may have chalk added to the pigment which in turn affects the ‘flow and the brilliance of colour’). As a result of the high level of pigmentation and the Gum Arabic binder Designers Gouache dries quickly to a flat, velvety, non-streaky matt finish. This reduces reflection when photographing gouache artwork.

One of the natural attributes of gum arabic – the binder used in Designers Gouache is that it is quick-drying. This faster drying allows quick working techniques and preliminary sketching to be done. Also as with watercolour, work can be finished quickly and as a result, travelling with work is made much easier.

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache comes in 14 ml (0.47 oz) tubes. Black and White are also available in larger 37 ml (1.25 oz) tubes.

* Cadmium-Free Colours — These bright, vivid colours offer full, matte coverage. Formulated by chemists and approved by artists, the range matches the physical and chemical characteristics of cadmium-based paints, but they don’t contain cadmium.

Winsor & Newton have been producing Designers Gouache since 1935 and to this day continue to offer the finest artists’ gouache range available.  A tantalising 91 opaque watercolours can be found in the full range. Made in England.

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CMYK Mixing Set of 5, Primary Set of 6


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