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Venetian Sceneries 14
The evocative scenes of Venice, the city in the lagoon, have been painted by various artists using several different techniques. The black-and-white section includes a number of pen drawings and pen-and-ink watercolor sketches, as well as other pencil drawings.

Landscapes 15
This volume is devoted entirely to watercolor landscapes. The black-and-white pages deal specifically with technique and present a series of sketches done using a brush and diluted ink (‘ink-wash’ or ‘literati’ painting).

Landscapes 16
This volume is completely devoted to landscapes painted in acrylics. The black-and-white section also presents scenes painted in acrylics, with a series of pictures displaying the special qualities of this painting technique.

Landscapes 17
This colorful collection of landscapes painted in oils also has a large section presenting sketches done using red chalk (‘sanguine’).

Landscapes 18
The color section of this volume presents numerous landscapes painted using a variety of techniques, while the black-and-white pages display a series of pen-and-ink drawings.

Landscapes 19
This wide-ranging collection of landscapes presents a variety of different techniques. The black-and-white section focuses on ballpoint pen sketches, presenting a series of examples and hints relating to this rarely-used but particularly effective technique.


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SERIES: Landscapes

FORMAT: Paperback, Cover glossy coated paper (glossy film lamination) 265 gsm, Interior pages matt coated paper 130 gsm


SIZE: 24.4 x 34.4 cm

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Venetian Sceneries 14, Landscapes 15, Landscapes 16, Landscapes 17, Landscapes 18, Landscapes 19


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