Color Mixing Recipes for Portraits – Walter Foster


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This convenient book features master mixes for an array of skin colours in oil, acrylic, and watercolour – plus recipes for hair, eye, nose, ear and lip colours. The concealed wire-o bound book also includes a plastic colour-mixing grid for measuring out paints, as well as a handy conversion chart for finding acrylic equivalents of oil paints and vice versa. With recipes for more than 500 colour combinations.

This comprehensive guide details three simple steps to mix virtually any skin tone:

  1. Match a palette of skin tones from this book to your portrait subject—for example, “Native American (Bronze).”
  2. Create the Master Skin Tone Recipe for this palette using the Colour Mixing Grid to measure each paint colour.
  3. Follow the recipes to create all the skin tones you’ll need to complete your portrait—from light values to shadows.
Also featured:
  • Colour theory.
  • Tinting, toning, and shading.
  • Greying skin tones naturally.
  • Identifying facial planes.
  • Eye, mouth, nose, ear and hair colour tones.
  • Watercolour skin tone recipes.


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Author: William F. Powell

Format: Hardback book

Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing

ISBN: 9781560990750995

Pages: 47

Language: English

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