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Winsor & Newton Lifting Preparation allows dry colour washes, including staining colours, to easily lift from paper with a wet brush or rag. It must be applied to paper first and allowed to dry.

To use, apply to the whole surface and allow to fully dry. Once dry, continue painting washes as normal over the Lifting Preparation and allow these to dry. Areas or details can then be removed by taking a soft brush dipped in tap water, gently moistening the area to be removed and blotting off the dissolved colour. For larger areas, a sponge can be used in place of the brush. This process can be repeated until the required degree of removal is achieved. The removed areas can then be left white or painted over with further washes. Washes will be most successfully lifted within five or six hours after the initial application but will remain more removable than if paper alone had been used. Lifting Preparation does not make the watercolour more soluble, so there is no worry about multiple washes becoming muddy.

  • Apply directly to paper and allow to dry before painting.
  • It is recommended to coat the whole surface before commencing painting.
  • Bottle Size: 75ml


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