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Essdee Lino Sheets are made especially soft for block printing and are ideal for the student and master alike. Linoleum is the definitive carving material and is made using natural ingredients such as linseed oil and wood flour. This biodegradable Lino can be used with water and oil-based inks and prints well onto a wide range of paper, board and fabric.

Although the linoleum is hessian-backed, it is not difficult to cut through it. These sheets can be cut into smaller shapes to use as stamps or the finished carving can be trimmed to remove excess or unwanted areas.

Product features:

  • Grey linoleum sheets.
  • 3.2mm thick.
  • Hessian-backed.
  • Can be mounted on fiberboard blocks to ensure a perfectly flat, stable and robust base.
  • Excellent for block- and hand- printing.
  • Unmounted lino is ideal for a printing press.

Available single sheet sizes:

  • 112.5 x 225mm.
  • 225 x 225mm.
  • 225 x 450mm.
  • 300 x 300mm.
  • 450 x 450mm.
  • 450 x 900mm.
  • 900 x 900mm.
  • 900mm x 2m.

Available 2pc pack sizes:

  • 152 x 203mm.
  • 203 x 305mm.
  • 305 x 406mm.


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112.5 x 225mm, 152 x 203mm, 203 x 305mm, 225 x 225mm, 225 x 450mm, 300 x 300mm, 305 x 406mm, 450 x 450mm, 450 x 900mm, 900 x 900mm, 900mm x 2m, 900mm x 5m


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