Linoleum Blocks – Speedball


Speedball Linoleum:

Mounted block: This superior quality linoleum is mounted on an MDF block and offers a fine, flat surface that will reproduce sharp and clear artwork without gaps or hollows. Speedball Linoleum provides a cutting depth of 3.18mm and is suitable for use with any water-soluble or oil-based relief ink.  Cutting the linoleum is easier because it is supported by the MDF and printing with the mounted linoleum block is easier as the linoleum remains flat. Furthermore,  the linoleum block is excellent for relief printing that uses letters or a combination of forms and letters.

Size 10.2 x 15.2cm Tan

Red Baron™ Unmounted Linoleum Sheets: Traditional “Battleship Gray” linoleum allows artists to create finely detailed registration and colour prints. The surface is 3.18mm thick and is suitable for printing with any water-soluble or oil-based relief ink. Easy to cut and cutting resistance is about the same in all directions. Although the linoleum has a jute backing, it is not difficult to cut through the backing and it can be cut into smaller shapes to use as stamps or the finished carving can be trimmed to remove excess or unwanted areas. The traditional Linoleum is excellent for hand printing and printing with a press. It might be necessary to lightly sand the linoleum to remove any inconsistencies on the surface. Unmounted linoleum can be mounted on a block of wood or particleboard.

Staining the linoleum with another colour will make it easier to see where you are carving. The linoleum can be wiped with alcohol before inking.

Size: 30 x 30cm Gray


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