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Say goodbye to ruined brushes with Colour Shaper Masking Fluid Applicators! These unique combination tools are double ended with a brush on one end and a fine plastic or silicone tip on the other, specifically designed for controlled application on masking fluid on to your watercolour painting.

Simply dip the pointed tip in the masking fluid and apply it to the paper. Once you’ve completed your painting, gently rub off the masking fluid to reveal the original paper surface.

Product features:

  • Ideal for applying and removing masking fluid.
  • Create clean linear strokes.
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe silicone/plastic clean.
  • Exact and precise control.

Available options:

  • Masking Fluid Applicator.
  • Masking Fluid Applicator & Watercolour Tool.

The Masking Fluid Applicator features a pointed silicone tip on one end and a synthetic round brush on the other. The Masking Fluid Applicator & Watercolour Tool has a soft wash brush on one end and a pointed plastic tip on the other.


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