Silicon Shaper Set


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This set of 5 different shapers are made with bright blue, soft, flexible synthetic material and designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, oils, acrylics, and water-mixable oils. Use them for dry media as they will blend pastels, graphite and charcoal beautifully!  Perfect for detailed work and smoothing small areas of pastel or graphite. Use these to apply masking fluid as it is easy to clean.

Easy to clean with mild soap and water and dried paint can be peeled off. Not only can you remove paint with these silicone brushes, but they can be used to create brushstrokes that cannot be done with traditional brushes.

5 Different tips –

  • Angle Chisel: Create expressive strokes. Work from thick to thin and make precise marks.
  • Cup Chisel: Adjust contours and edges. Carve and remove paint.
  • Flat Chisel: Blend and mix paint on the palette and create flat, even strokes of color.
  • Taper Point: Apply and carve paint. Blend charcoal and pastel. Create linear strokes and make broad forceful marks.
  • Cup Round: Move heavy paint, control thick color, create soft edges, blend pastel and charcoal.



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These paint shaper tools are ideally suited for expressive and structured work with oil and acrylic colours and for mixing colours. To apply or remove paint in certain areas, paint shapers offer possibilities that cannot be achieved with traditional brushes.


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