Masking Tape – Professional Indoor Applications



  • 24mm x 40m
  • 36mm x 40m



  • Useful for professional indoor applications in conditions not exceeding 80 degrees Celsius, do not use for longer than 30 minutes in such high temperatures.
  • General-purpose tapes should not be used in temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.



  • Ensure all surfaces are dry & dust-free BEFORE applying masking tape



  • Masking Tape contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive and should be rubbed down to ensure proper adhesion onto the substrate below
  • If left on certain surfaces for extended periods, the tape’s adhesive can transfer onto the surface and will become difficult to remove
  • Store tape in a cool, dry and dark place



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TIP: Should you wish to use the tape to adhere art paper to a drawing board, first rub the tape lightly over the top of your hand to reduce the tackiness of the tape. Some tapes have strong glue and will remove the top layer of the paper.

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24mm, 36mm


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