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A good-looking mechanical pencil featuring a refillable “MONO Eraser” and “shake-mechanism.”

The MONO graph with a fixed 4 mm tip enables precise work and ensures fewer broken leads.  It features the twist type “MONO Eraser” attached at the top. The “shake mechanism”, which advances the lead by shaking the pencil back and forth, and the “shake lock” (enabled by pushing the clip upwards) prevents unintentional lead advance when stored. Tombow guarantees high-precision writing and erasability.

Product features:

  • Ideal for drawing with a ruler or stencil.
  • Refillable eraser.
  • Lead width: 0.5 mm.
  • Lead grade: HB.


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Precaution for Use:

  • The eraser is extendable as long as the cap can be twisted smoothly. Twisting forcibly may damage the mechanism.
  • The eraser may break if extended too much.
  • Recommended length of the eraser is 3-4 mm.
  • If the lead does not advance, use the clip knock to extend the lead before using the shake mechanism.
  • When the lock mechanism does not work properly, hold the clip with your fingers to lock it.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.
  • Be careful when handling the pencil as the tip is sharp.
  • Be careful of both ends of the pencil when locking.

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