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Flowers 20: The pictures of flowers in this volume have all been done using watercolors, while the black-and-white paintings employ the ink-wash technique (using a brush and diluted ink).

Flowers 21: This volume concentrates on flowers painted in oils, while as customary in many volumes in the series, the black-and-white section presents a collection of pencil and charcoal sketches.

Flowers 22: This series of flower pictures showcases a wide range of different techniques, accompanied by pencil drawings and charcoal sketches on the black-and-white pages.

Flowers 23: Oil painting and watercolor painting are the media chosen for the flower pictures in this volume, while the black-and-white section presents a series of ballpoint pen sketches.

Roses 42: This collection of pictures of roses painted in watercolors comes from a botanical handbook illustrated by A. Parson. While the subjects are simple, the decorative effect produced is extraordinary.

Trees and leaves 45: This volume presents a series of pictures of trees and leaves. Far from being a botanical handbook, the volume aims to stimulate artists to capture the most expressive and evocative aspects of the natural world that surrounds them.

Water 46: This collection of 18 pictures using a variety of techniques (watercolors, oils and acrylics) focuses on water, highlighting its transparency and its reflective capacity. Seascapes, lake views, river scenes and stagnant water are examined so as to appreciate the difficulties involved in painting water, as well as the satisfaction that the artist can gain from such a vital element in paintings and drawings.

The seasons 47 : Oils, acrylics and watercolors are the techniques used for the 15 paintings in this volume devoted to the seasons. The pictures stimulate the reader to appreciate and capture the most expressive and evocative aspects of the changing seasons. And as nature changes its appearance, the light changes in quality and quantity. The changing seasons throughout the year have always enthralled artists, providing a great source of inspiration for figurative art.

Seascapes 27: This overview of seascape painting presents various techniques used in pictures where the sea is, in all its aspects the protagonist. This book is a valuable tool for both beginners and professional artists.


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Series: Nature Studies

Format: Paperback, Cover glossy coated paper (glossy film lamination) 265 gsm, Interior pages matt coated paper 130 gsm.

36 Pages.

Book size: 24.4 x 34.4 cm.

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Flowers 20, Flowers 21, Flowers 22, Flowers 23, Roses 42, Trees and Leaves 45, Water 46, The Seasons 47, Seascapes 27


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