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Mungyo’s Artist Palette and Painting Knives are perfect for mixing and impasto techniques. Being made of plastic rather than steel, these painting tools do not corrode or rust over time and are a breeze to clean! The specially rounded edges of Mungyo’s painting knives also give you a softer touch and will not scratch your masterpiece.

Product features:

  • Thin, plastic palette knives in various shapes and sizes.
  • Excellent elasticity and flexibility.
  • Specially soft edges perfect for scraping.
  • No corrosion/rust.
  • Ergonomically seamless design and anti-slip finishing to maximize comfort and grip.
  • Available in Assorted Shape Sets of 6.

Available sets:

  • Assorted Shape Set Small Size (Blue Pack – S Type).
  • Assorted Shape Set Standard Size (Red Pack).


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