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Whether you are an absolute beginner or advanced pastelist, Pastel Painting is the book you have been waiting for. The most comprehensive book on soft pastels available, from a master artist with over 30 years of experience. Secrets of pastel painting are revealed with explanations of techniques, detailed demos, and easy to understand diagrams. Learn methods that produce better results, and also why they work, giving you a deeper understanding of pastel and art in general.

Creating art should be fun, not frustrating. Many how-to books teach how to follow along but not how to create your own artwork. This book covers every stage of the process, from choosing supplies to professional advice on what to do after a painting is finished. This book dives deep into understanding colour, mixing, and more. Chris balances encouragement with skill-building to push your art forward. This is a complete art instruction course packed into a book. Perfect for artists with all skill levels.

Book Features:

• Money saving tips for choosing supplies.

• Blending, mixing, layering, glazing, lines, edges.

• Adding depth to your paintings.

• Techniques, sequencing, colour theory.

• How to mix any colour accurately with few pastels.

• Working from photos and their limitations.

• Planning a painting & setting up your workspace for success.

• Protect your paintings without fixative.

• Storing, framing, & photographing artwork.

• Step by step demos of complex paintings.

• Painting process from start to finish.

• Packed with colour illustrations and beautiful artwork.

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Christopher Reid is an internationally recognized artist who paints everything from portraits to landscapes to wildlife. Reid paints in pastel, acrylic, watercolour, and charcoal. His style has been described as “contemporary realism with an emphasis on color and depth.”

Chris was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied art at the famous Savannah College of Art & Design. He lives in Hermanus, South Africa with his wife, Kim, and son, David.

Artist Statement

“I am passionate about art, enjoy the act of creation, and hope to help people who view my artwork appreciate the beauty already around them. Too many people stumble through life without enjoying nature. Art is a form of communication and it is as important what you say as how you say it. I am an optimist at heart and I choose to use my art to talk about beauty.

Since nature provides the inspiration for art, I enjoy painting en plein air so I can be out in nature and incorporate all the senses into my paintings and better communicate an experience of the place. When I do paint from photographs, I am able to incorporate all the information I have observed from direct experience about colour and light into my paintings. My portraits are informed by the thousands of life drawings I have done. For me art is a way to communicate a direct experience in a way that words cannot.”

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