Pilot Parallel Pens FP3 | Refillable Calligraphy Pens


The Pilot Parallel Pen features a unique nib comprised of two parallel metal plates. This allows it to distribute ink more evenly than conventional metal italic nibs while also being crisper and far more durable than a felt-tipped calligraphy pen.

  • Available in different nib sizes:
    • Red Cap – 1.5mm
    • Yellow Cap – 2.4mm
    • Pink Cap – 3.0mm
    • Green Cap – 3.8mm
    • Turquoise – 4.5mm
    • Blue Cap – 6.0mm
  • The pen is refillable.
  • The colours are mixable.
  • This set includes one Parallel Pen and comes with one black and one red ink cartridge, a bulb syringe to clean the pen and a nib cleaner.
  • *Cap colour indicates nib size, not ink colour.


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The Pilot, mixable ink allows you to create beautiful colour blendings and gradations by touching the nibs of two Pilot Parallel pens together. Ink cartridges can even be switched in the pen to create gradated colour lines and mixed colours.

With all six pens in your calligraphy arsenal, you’ll be prepared for every possibility. The smaller sizes are great for adding style to regular writing, while the larger nibs are perfect for bolder uses like titles or greeting cards. You can even use them together in a single project to create additional contrast.


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Pen Option

Red Cap – 1.5mm, Yellow Cap – 2.4mm, Green Cap – 3.8mm, Blue Cap – 6.0mm, Pink Cap – 3.0mm, Turquoise Cap – 4.5mm


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