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This beautiful daisy-shaped 9-well porcelain palette is suitable for all watercolour, acrylic and water-based paints and mediums. It is heavy enough to not move on a desk or table. The 19.5cm size palette will make mixing colours easy plus the porcelain is quick to clean and won’t stain. Most watercolour artists prefer porcelain palettes as colours and washes don’t “bead” on the surface as they do with plastic palettes.

Palette measures roughly 19,5cm in diameter.


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Ceramic flower palettes are very useful and long-lasting. Great for mixing colours.

3 reviews for Porcelain Palette | Round 9 Well – Prime Art

  1. suzanne101 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. The size is perfect and my watercolours don’t bead on this as they do on plastic palettes. 4 stars because it is a bit heave (as porcelain is). I certainly recommend it.

  2. Azariah

    It is a great palet for mixing colors for a variegated wash. I like the fact that porcelain doesn’t stain like plastic. The wells aren’t deep enough to contain enough paint to do a wash on a half sheet watercolor paper with a single colour. Either a seperate bowl should be used for other washes, or two wells with the same color should be used to mix enough paint for a wash.

  3. Monique Le Roux

    I haven’t really used plastic to compare but I see so many people complaining about it, I’ve only ever used my metal tin palette for mixing and an actual ceramic/porcelain serving plate I’ve purchased at a Mr. price home I believe? I’ve been used to the feeling of ceramic plates for so long I just wont ever change. This though was just so convenient having the little wells and mine is already one big rainbow of colors. not one complaint. For me the weight of ceramic hasn’t ever affected me as I never hold my mixing space in my hands its always placed onto a flat surface in front of me, because of that I prefer it as heavy as possible as it doesn’t move at all when you are using it.

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