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Please take note! Some brushes in this range are not available due to the supplier being out of stock! Please email us at [email protected] for specific size requests.


Kindly note that the Round 8 & 10 brushes are available on special order. Please confirm availability before placing an order!

Please also note that ONLY the Round 6, 7, 8 and 10 brushes are packaged in a black gift box. All other Kolinsky brushes are packaged in a transparent plastic cylinder.

One of the world’s finest watercolour brushes. Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes are made from only the finest Kolinsky Sable hair in rust-proof, seamless nickel-plated ferrules with black polished handles.

Series 7 brushes are hand-made in England by Winsor & Newton’s expert brush makers, each with over 10 years’ experience. In larger sizes, each brush is packed into an individual box with a tag indicating the name of the Series 7 brush maker who made the brush. The standards of quality for this brush were set in 1866 when Her Majesty Queen Victoria gave orders that Winsor & Newton should produce the very finest watercolour brushes in her favourite size, the No.7.

Each brush comes to a crisp point and snaps back into shape during use, with the right degree of spring to allow superior control between the brush and surface. The colour flows evenly and consistently from the point, with enough colour carrying capacity in the belly of the brush to allow flowing gestural strokes. The Miniature brushes are ideal for miniature painting and photographic retouching with extra control.

  • Brush Hair Type – Natural.
  • Brush Head Shape – Round.
  • Brush Handle – Short Handle.

Available brushes:

  • Miniature Round – 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Round – 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Round –  8 and 10 – Special Order


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Interesting facts:

  • A Kolinsky sable-hair brush (also known as a red sable or sable hair brush) is a fine artists’ paintbrush. The hair is obtained from the tail of the kolinsky  (Mustela sibirica), a species of weasel rather than an actual sable.  The “finest” brushes are made from male hair only, but most brushes have a mix of about 60/40 male-to-female hair. Kolinsky bristles tend to be pale red with darker tips. The weasel is not an animal that is raised well in captivity and is generally isolated to the geographical region of Siberia. Due to this difficulty in harvesting the hair, and the fact that other natural and artificial bristles are not comparable in quality, these bristles are rare and expensive (Source: Wikipedia).
  • If looked after, a good kolinsky sable brush should last 50 years. The secret is in cleaning and storing the brushes removing any residue, which can alter or destroy the special qualities of the hair. Avoid acrylic paint, which dries quickly and clogs the bristles, ruining the capture and flow of liquid.

The Financial Times had a wonderful article on the lengthy process of making Winsor & Newton artists’ brushes describing it as an art in itself ( The production process was explained as follows:

  • The brush hair is graded by hand: size “0” brushes, used for detail work, require 3mm-4mm hairs; the longest is 60mm. The sorted hair is stacked to a diameter of about 10mm and wrapped in cartridge paper to be sent to the brushmakers who will generally work with shorter hairs, the smaller brushes being in greatest demand.
  • The handles, which come to the factory from a workshop near Bergamo in northern Italy, are made of dried birch which is shaped then primed and painted in a deep gloss.
  • The nickel ferrules that connect the hairs to the brush are imported from India and China, and the assembly is all done by hand.
  • Linen thread is used because it is stronger than cotton thread and the glue used must withstand solvents.

It is clear that the key to excellent artists’ brushes is selecting the finest hairs, excellent craftsmanship, and with the Winsor & Newton Series 7, Kolinsky Sable Brushes also speak of a very long history that started in 1866 by the order of  Queen Victoria herself.

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