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Take your coloured pencil art to the next level with the Prismacolor Premier® Colored Pencil Accessory Set. This handy set is perfect for both artists and students. The Prismacolor art kit contains all of the accessories needed to draw, blend, erase and sharpen and thus create crisply defined artworks loaded with texture and unique colour.

Set contains:

  • 1 x Dual-tip Colourless Blender Marker.
  • 1 x Colourless Blender Pencil.
  • 1 x Ebony Graphite Pencil.
  • 1 x Pencil Extender.
  • 1 x Single-hole, metal sharpener.
  • 1 x Kneaded Eraser.
  • 1 x Latex-free Plastic Eraser.

Product features:

  • Colourless blender marker has a thick end for creating soft colour blends and a fine point for details.
  • Colourless blender pencil smooths colour, value transitions and blends pencil strokes.
  • Pencil extender gives short pencils a more comfortable grip and extend pencil life.
  • Mini sharpener sharpens pencils with standard diameter (up to 7mm).
  • Kneaded eraser can be molded to any shape.


Although this sharpener could be suitable for pastel and chalk-based pencils, please bare in mind that pastel and chalk-based pencils do wear out the blades of sharpeners significantly faster than other pencils. Replace blades regularly for best results.


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