Calligraphy ink – Brevillier’s Cretacolor


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Parker Quink inks and refills are formulated to ensure a consistently smooth, refined writing experience.

For Calligraphy artists, this is a beautifully traditional black ink (30ml) suitable for professional work. The permanent ink gives a lightfast and glossy finish.

  • Traditional intense black ink for the finest writing
  • Permanent, lightfast and dries to a slight gloss finish
  • Ideal for brush and nib work


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Calligraphy Ink, black

Traditional, intense black ink for the finest handwriting. Lightfast, permanent and with a slightly glossy finish. Ideally suited for brush and nib work. Using a dip pen and this lovely intense black ink, beautiful lettering is within the reach of the calligrapher looking for a special permanent black ink.



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