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Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes are of the finest artist quality having been handmade for the last 35 years by a small Yorkshire based team. The materials for each brush are carefully sourced and have different styles of manufacturer suitable for each type of bristle.

The multi-use Series 772 Dagger Brushes are available in a reversible in the R12 Pocket Brush – a convenient addition to your brush collection for those who like to paint on the move. The reversible, stainless steel handle allows for a convenient storage and prevents damage to the brush. A dream for urban sketchers, and a Plein Air must-have.

Product features:

  • Sable & synthetic bristles.
  • Create fine expressive marks with its tip and wide, calligraphic strokes with its angled side.
  • Stainless steel handle/cap.
  • Brush measurements: 10.5cm when stored, 18.3cm full-length.
  • Available bristle size: ¼” .


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  • 1/4″:  7.3mm (width), 18.9mm (length).


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