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Rosemary & Co’s Series 32  are made of badger hair. These brushes are designed to simplify the art of painting trees and foliage.

This special brush has just the right performance to deliver perfect tree foliage and is also a good texture brush for shrubbery etc. It’s amazing how quickly as a beginner you will learn to use this brush and for the advanced artists amongst us you’ll wish we had made this brush years ago. These Series 32 Tree and Texture brushes are a favourite for landscapes, trees, foliage and shrubbery in watercolours, oils and acrylics.

Product Features:

  • Badger hair bristles.
  • Ideal for watercolour.
  • Short Handle for better control.
  • Available sizes: 1/2″ and 1/4″
  • Bristle diameters ranges from 6.05mm to 12.55mm.
  • Bristle lengths ranges from 11.50mm to 17.80mm.

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Available Options:

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1/2 (17.8mm), 1/4 (11.50mm)


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