Prime Art Sponge Brushes


These are the perfect tools for home decor and craft projects. Ideal for stamping, applying a medium to a stencil or you can use it as a stipple brush for a different effect.

  • Flat ended sponge on a short wooden handle for stamping.
  • Available in 12pc packs in the following sizes:
    • 13mm.
    • 20mm.
    • 30mm.
    • 40mm.

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13mm Sponge Brush - 12 PackPrime-Art-Sponges-8R65.00
In Stock
20mm Sponge Brush - 12 PackPrime-Art-Sponges-2R75.00
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30mm Sponge Brush - 12 PackPrime-Art-Sponges-6R85.00
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40mm Sponge Brush - 12 PackPrime-Art-Sponges-4R99.00
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