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Series 771 brushes are a well-kept secret, highly favored by artists working with oils, watercolors, gouache, and acrylics. Their versatility and quality make them a favorite among artists using all types of mediums, serving as a reliable, all-purpose brush for various painting techniques.

The Series 771 is a blend of sable and synthetic fibers combining the strengths of both, creating a versatile brush suitable for various mediums. Sable hair retains liquid and pigment effectively, while synthetic fibers provide springiness and durability, all at an attractive price point. This makes it an ideal choice for watercolors, oils, and acrylics alike.

The rigger brush, characterized by its long hairs, is akin to a round brush but with extended length. It’s also known as a “script” or “liner” brush.

Product Features: 

  • Script/Liner brush.
  • Sharp and long bristles.
  • Made with a blend of sable and synthetic hairs.
  • Good for detail work.
  • Ideal for oils, acrylics, watercolour and gouache.
  • Available Sizes: 0 (16.5mm bristle length, 1.0mm bristle diameter) and 2 (19.0mm bristle length, 1.9mm bristle diameter).
  • Made in the USA.

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0 (16.5mm), 2 (19.0mm)


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