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Sharpening Block

The Nitram Sharpening Bloc is the ideal tool for shaping and sharpening charcoal and other drawing media. The bigger size of the bloc is ideal for shaping or rounding the bigger Nitram charcoal blocs. After rubbing the charcoal on the pad, the pad can be removed and used to rub the dust on your paper for a background. Easy to hold, it also has a hole in the handle – add a rope or lanyard and hang it on your easel for easy access!

If you like making graphite powder or charcoal powder, the sharpening block will assist greatly in doing that. The bigger charcoal blocs are idea for making powder, but if the messy side of sanding down a charcoal bloc is not for you, ready-made Nitram powder is available as part of the Nitram range of products.


Width: 8 cm (3.15″)
Height: 23 cm (9.06″)

Includes an extra set of sanding surfaces


Replacement Pads

Each package contains five (5) replacement sharpening surfaces. 180 grit grain.


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