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The Rosemary & Co Smooshing Brush is a blending brush made from a blend of different grades of badger hair packed into the ferrule really tightly to create a dense brush, which will be firm to the touch, but still flexible. The beauty of the domed shape allows for a multitude of brush strokes.

Sometimes known as a smudger, a tinter or a blender, this versatile brush can be used in all mediums. In decorative painting, you would tend to use it as a dry brush and for softening edges. For Oil and Acrylic painters, if you load this brush full of pigment, it’ll be great for your seascapes, stippling, clouds, highlights and shading. For watercolourists, practice loading with dry pigment to get a similar effect.

Product features:

  • Dome-shaped blending brush.
  • Badger hair bristles.
  • Ideal for any medium.
  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL & 2XL.
  • Bristle diameters ranges from 1.5mm (XS) to 14mm (2XL).
  • Bristle lengths ranges from 4mm (XS) to 17mm (2XL).


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2XL (14mm), L (9.2mm), M (6mm), S (3.5mm), XL (12mm), XS (1.5mm)


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