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Create exciting patterns and make your very own marbled masterpiece using Mont Marte’s Split Pouring Cup. This cleverly designed cup comes in an ergonomic diamond shape with a spout, making it easy to hold and giving you greater control over your pours. Plus, it offers four paint sections to give you extra colour combo options. Then, when you’re ready to clean up, just wash the cup and store it to reuse next time.

Product features:

  • Diamond shaped, plastic cup.
  • 4 separate sections for different paint or colour combos.
  • Ergonomic design is easy to hold and prevent dripping for clean pours.
  • Create different marbled effects and patterns.
  • Ideal for a ‘Dirty’ or a ‘Dutch’ pour.
  • Easy to clean (with warm soapy water) and reusable.
  • Cup measurements: 10 (length) x 9.5 (width) x 5.08 (height) cm.
  • Holds approx. 190ml.


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