Twin Tip 2 in 1 Fine and Ultra Fine Black Marker – Sharpie


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With two tips in one, Sharpie® Twin Tip Permanent Markers let you express yourself in many ways. Made to write practically everywhere, vivid Sharpie markers eliminate dull and boring.
  • Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces
  • Intensely brilliant colours create eye-popping, vibrant impressions
  • Remarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists both fading and water; AP certified
  • An endlessly versatile twin tip is perfect for countless uses in the classroom, office, home, and beyond
  • Comes in two Marker Sizes: Twin Tip and Super Twin Tip!

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These Twin Tip markers have a fine tip on one end and an ultra-fine tip on the other and are great for a variety of uses. Apply this permanent, high intensity, quick-drying ink to most surfaces, such as metal, glass, plastic, foils, rubber, waxed paper, film and everything else! This pen delivers bold and vivid colour with varied points that render bold lines or fine details. 


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