Petit Gris Raphaël Watercolour Brush – Caran d’Ache

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The Caran D’Ache (by) Raphaël 803 Petit Gris Pur Watercolour wash brush is made with pure Kazan Squirrel hair and is naturally very soft. This mop brush holds a large amount of water and high paint load but retains a fine point for line work and smaller, more precise brush strokes. This watercolour mop is a very versatile brush and creates beautifully large washes as well as finer work. Properly cared for, this brush will last and maintain its performance for a long time. The 803 series has been extremely popular and has become a studio essential for many.

This traditional brush shape used by the masters of old features a hand-tied quill ferrule and a short, natural lacquered handle.

Product features:

  • Extra-fine Kazan squirrel hair mounted on quill pens.
  • Fine point for precision and full belly for a high paint load.
  • No. 4 size bristle.
  • Bristle dimensions: 11 mm (diameter), 34 mm (tuft length).
  • Short, wooden handle.
  • Clear lacquer coating.


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