Watercolour Stick Holder – Daniel Smith


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The transparent container has five separate divisions so each of the five sticks will be in its own container. Holds 5 x Watercolor Sticks.

These innovative Watercolor Sticks are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paints shaped into a convenient stick-form allowing you to both draw and paint with your watercolours. The DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks are an exciting new way to use watercolour!

The Watercolor Sticks are made with the same superior pigment that the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paints are made with. The Watercolor Sticks have no fillers or waxes – they are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paint made with pure pigment and gum arabic, so the paint releases easily with a wet brush. The Watercolor Sticks are a “pan in your hand”, they are DANIEL SMITH Watercolor paint shaped into stick form, baked, wrapped in a label and ready to draw and paint!

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