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Charcoal just got bigger and more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love, in a chunky XL form, combine that with rich natural colours and what have you got? – An artist’s dream!

The blocks come in 6 muted shades from Sanguine and Violet to Sepia and Ochre. Naturally water-soluble you can use them on a damp surface and release lots of colour quickly and build up layers of different colours as you go.


  • Naturally water-soluble
  • Extra-large blocks, 20mm x 20mm square and 60mm long
  • Six colours to choose from:
    • Ochre
    • Sanguine
    • Mars Violet
    • Sepia
    • Black – *Out of Stock*
    • White

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Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-Ochre-Colour-01OchreR95.002 in Stock.
Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-Sanguine-Colour-02SanguineR95.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-Mars-Violet-Colour-03Mars VioletR95.001 in Stock.
Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-Sepia-Colour-04SepiaR95.001 in Stock.
Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-Black-Colour-05BlackR95.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Derwent-XL-Charcoal-Stick-Single-White-Colour-06WhiteR95.001 in Stock.

Derwent XL blocks allow you to be expressive and bold using the broadside or the edge of the block. From strong lines to subtle gradients, the charcoal block combines charcoal’s natural qualities with the strength of a chunky block.


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