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Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe Paint Markers feature an opaque liquid chalk ink that will wash off with water. These versatile markers are ideal for writing or drawing on surfaces like glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, steel, aluminium, metal, whiteboards and chalkboards. These marks will wash off surfaces with plain water on a damp cloth or sponge. First, let the surface dry before attempting to write on it again. Perfect for lettering and illustrations that will not be exposed to moisture. This is not suitable for outdoor use.

Always test your marker on a scrap piece of paper, board or other material.

To use the marker: Shake the marker well before opening, prime the marker by holding it vertically against a scrap piece of material and push straight down on the tip. This will depress the tip into the barrel, allowing the tip to absorb the ink. Wait for about 10 seconds and release. If the pen does not write, prime again, repeating until the ink flows smoothly. It might take a few tries before working. Remember to wait a minute or two for the ink to dry before touching it.

Product features:

  • Liquid chalk ink paint markers.
  • Water-based pigment.
  • Medium 2mm bullet tip.
  • Erasable from most surfaces while wet.
  • Highly opaque & lightfast.
  • Odourless and Xylene-free.
  • Available in 8 colours & a set of 8.


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White 000, Black 010, Red 020, Blue 030, Green 040, Pink 025, Yellow 050, Orange 070, Brown 060, Medium Set of 8


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